How did you learn programming?

some skills, programming chief among them, have a steep learning curve.

this is why many people don't learn these skills. not because they are "harder" per se, but because they are harder in the beginning.

other examples include piano or the Korean language. so you must first acknowledge that "dumber" people than you possess skills you want to have, simply because they got over (through?) the learning curve.

with intelligence out of the way, the next question becomes, "how do you get over the learning curve?"

to answer this question i believe you need a "why." not in the insufferable Simon Sinek sense, just something with a longer half-life than "make money" or "work remotely."

learning to code was my path to independence. no more waiting on colleagues to build features i needed. no more saving up thousands of hard-earned dollars at marketing gigs to pay a lazy developer to overcharge me and never finish. learning to code let me tap into what i do best: create.

to learn more about the exact process i used to get over the learning curve, see this: