How was your experience working with Class Grow?

"I’m looking for a marketing agency to help grow my course business."

i was one of Class Grow's first customers. their offering is to nurture and warm up leads for high ticket courses through email sequences. in practice this is a CRO tactic, as 100 visitors landing on your website might equal 1 self-service sale and a few "newsletter only" signups. but what do you send to those runoff, lower intent leads who join the newsletter? (they also run Facebook ad campaigns where a click == email newsletter subscription)

after providing insights about my course and students, Class Grow wrote for me 5-7 email drips that followed a progressively more "sales-y" format. each email began with a story, something that i really experienced, then was parlayed into how a specific piece of content in the course was a result of that story.

the first couple emails establish a baseline, then by emails 3-7 you're making offers, asking them questions (to encourage replies), and using suspenseful language to keep them on the hook for your next email. i guess the ultimate idea is that Class Grow monetizes lukewarm leads automatically.

after activating our sequence i found myself sending a lot of back/forth replies to said low quality leads who didn't purchase on their own, the first time they landed on my website. so i'm wondering how much sense it makes to invest in people who have literally identified themselves as not ready to buy.

in any case, i don't want to sell folks something they don't need, so i stopped working with Class Grow and shut down all the sequences. to me, the emails felt too pushy and i wasn't comfortable with my name + 500 word storytelling pitches being sent on autopilot.