What do you think of no code?

every company is a technology company.

suppose i sell oil: software sets prices. print graphic t-shirts? software calibrates machines. or run a fleet of house-call plumbers: software to map efficient routes.

"no code" is not an attempt to run a company without code; it is the empowerment to run a company without coding yourself. a homeowner is responsible for cutting their grass, but a landscape company will do it for them.

no-code is the delegation of annoying, tedious, takes-forever-to-learn tasks known collectively as software development. in the same way a farmer grows crops for mass (cheap) consumption, an engineer at Webflow builds WYSIWYG tools so the rest of us can create websites.

there is no such thing as "no code," just code you don't have to write, because others are willing to do it for you. if you'd like to learn yourself, go here. otherwise, praise God for capitalism!